Samsung Reality SCH U820 Review, Features Specifications


Samsung Reality SCH U820 Reality

The Samsung Reality SCH-u820 is a reliable multimedia cell phone. It can be purchased for $79.99 from Verizon Wireless if you get a contract.

The Samsung Reality SCH-u820 measures at 4.23 inches by 2.09 inches by 0.65 inch. At first glance, the Samsung Reality is similar to the Samsung Rogue; however that’s where the similarity ends. The Samsung Reality is a bit more boxy than the Rogue and it has more rounded corners. It is available in black and red and weighs in at 4.59 oz. The screen measures at 3 inches and it supports 262,000 colors and its resolution is at 240 x 400.

There are a few physical controls on the phone. They are the Send button, Back or Clear key, and End or Power button and of course the slide out QWERTY keyboard. If you observe the display, you will find out that it is quite similar to the Samsung Rogue, however it does not use an AMOLED display. Instead, the Samsung Reality SCH-u820 uses a three-inch WQVGA display.

Like majority of Samsung touch screen phones, the reality comes with the TouchWiz interface. This is the collapsible tray on the left side of the home screen that contains several widgets and shortcuts. One of the newest widgets available offers a great way to access seven of the most popular social networking sites. (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Friendster, MySpace, PhotoBucket, YouTube)

Compared to the capacitive touch screens, the Samsung Reality SCH-u820’s resistive is not as responsive. With that said, the touch screen is still intuitive and quite expressive.

Text messaging is quite an experience; the slide out QWERTY keyboard is quite easy to use, although they feel a cramped.  The keys are slightly raised which allows for faster typing. If you slide out the QWERTY keyboard, the phone automatically changes to landscape mode. The phone also has a built in accelerometer that automatically changes the orientation of the interface for some applications, like the web browser.

The Samsung Reality has four messaging options; they are SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging (AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo messenger) and voice messaging. You can also send emails through the built-in web browser. The built in music player also supports several audio formats. The Samsung Reality’s media player allows you to change the equalizer settings and a music-only mode. The phone also supports video playback and there’s EV-DO Rev support.

The Samsung Reality has a 3.2-megapixel camera that supports 2,048 x 1536 pixels to 320 x 240 pixels. It also includes a flash, night mode, self-timer format, multi shot option, ISO adjustments, different frames, five color effects, white balance and various options for contrast, brightness, and sharpness. Compared to a lot of touch screen phones, the photos taken by the Samsung Reality SCH-u820 are quite impressive. The functions of the video recorder are similar to the camera settings.

The video recorder records video with a 176 x 144 pixels and in resolutions of 320 x 240 pixels and 640 x 480 pixels. The battery life of the Samsung Reality lasts for 5 hours talk time. If you are looking for a cool touch screen phone with a QWERTY Keyboard, Samsung Reality SCH U820 will be a good choice.

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