Change in LG User Interface makes Android interesting


Once again, LG people are doing it. They have once again shown that when it comes to software changes, not just the third party makers that make a difference.

Some Interface changes

This is a 4G LTE device by LG-Lucid brought by Verizon this week onwards. This device carries some of the silent changes brought about by the LG team. However, the real question is what is LG team trying to make? The reason is obvious; they want LG to be at the top when it comes to Android usage. However, with the changes included in this new gadget we do not think LG is going to be on top. Nevertheless, commendable is their effort in including such momentous changes to their software and not putting up so much stock with these included changes.

More Smartphones this year

LG is supposedly going to bring about many smartphones this year in both versions large as well as small. In addition, as far as Lucid is concerned it certainly does not make its space in the “must glance” list yet.

The fact is this gadget might get some attention in the Verizon stores if the staff shows these against some genuinely unaffordable ones like iOS and Blackberry.

When LG launches its gadget it does not actually make a publicity stunt and is largely dependent upon the slight modifications included in its software.

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