Come September – Apple may Unleash its New Range of iPhones in the Market


iPhoneSeptember 9, 2014 may well be Apple’s date with destiny or new destiny because if rumor started by Re/code are to be believed, the Cupertino Company plans to introduce new iPhones on that date. Last year Apple launched its iPhone 5c as well as iPhone 5s on that date.

So what should we Expect in September 2014?

Basically, there may be two new iPhone models that Apple would launch. One would have 4.7 inch display and the other one would have 5.5 inch display. These displays would be made from sapphire crystal, which is highly durable. The processor in these devices would be A8, which is considerably faster and superior in many respects. Additional feature that would be characteristic to this device is related to the Apple logo that is present on the back. This would light up, effectively alerting the person of any messages even if the phone’s ring is off, and handset is placed face down.

Basis of Rumor

Re/code suggests this based on information it collected about Apple’s two partners, i.e., Pegatron, and Foxconn. The two partners manufacture the devices and have already begun production of the smaller device of the two. Foxconn would, however, be manufacturing production of a larger device, somewhere around September. For now, it is hiring personnel from China for its production.

The fact remains that Apple has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.  The company may also have deferred launching of its Phablet-sized gadget because of some production problems. But the market expects it to come up with that device around November this year. For people looking at high-end iPhone devices, there are models in 24-K gold, and platinum offered by Brikk. The gold version would be available in two colors, i.e., pink and yellow. These luxury iPhone devices would have 4.7 inch screens and 128GB memory.

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