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Physical fitness is the current mantra with people today, all around the globe. While many take the trouble to regularly visit gyms, not all are fortunate enough to find the time for the same. In such a case, walking will be the best exercise for such folks. What can be better if someone can help you track your distance and speed each time you go for that walk? Well, here is one way by which you can easily achieve this by means of a smartphone app. We present before you the very handy BlackBerry Pedometer app.

There are several pedometer apps for BlackBerry. In this post, we will particularly look at the AllSportGPS and TreadIt apps, especially meant for this handheld.

  • AllSportGPS pedometer for BlackBerry

Easy to download and use, this app also lets you view your speed while walking or running. What is more, it lets you get a full-color view of maps of the location you are at present.
The app UI is easy to understand and works intuitively on your BlackBerry handheld. You merely have to select the “Walking” option, then wait a while to connect to the GPS satellites and then get going with it all.

Once the connection is done, you will constantly get an accurate account of your average and current speed for that session. Once you are done with your walk, your data will automatically get logged into a separate Website, so that you can refer to it as and when you wish.

The AllSportGPS also gives you a graphic presentation of your workout, all the way through, which makes it very convenient for you. You can also mark a certain route and save it on your phone itself.

The price of this BlackBerry pedometer app is $39.99.


  • This app is a little too pricey for casual walkers. Of course, a normal pedometer is much costlier, but those just wanting to walk for fitness may find the price downright expensive.
  • Though advanced features-wise, this app is not always guaranteed to work equally well on all BlackBerry models. Besides, you might not be able to view maps so clearly on your cell phone screen.
  • The GPS feature takes its time to get activated. Also, it does not offer real-time directions, as it is not meant to be a classically GPS app.
  • If you get a call during your walk, the GPS feature gets temporarily suspended, which means, the app stops recording your motion for that while.


  • TreadIt pedometer app for BlackBerry

The TreadIt pedometer app works well with BlackBerry Torch, Storm and Storm2. The accelerometer built in into your BlackBerry smartphone app helps keeps a count of the number of steps you take while walking or running, as also the distance, speed, time and calories burned while at your workout.

This app automatically stops functioning when you stop your exercise. It then sends you the results by email.

This app is currently on sale for $4.99, though some Websites do offer a trial rate of $2.99.


  • This app works only with the above-mentioned BlackBerry models.
  • You will have to constantly be walking or running in order to be accurately logged. This BlackBerry pedometer app will stop functioning properly if you pause during your workout.


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