Curtains lifted over the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with advanced features


On Wednesday other gadget under the Samsung Flagship was unveiled-the Galaxy s$ Zoom-and as the name suggests it does have 10X zooming in the 16MP camera.

The First Look

On the very first glance, you will recognize that it is a right concoction of the Galaxy Camera models and the S4 mini. It has a similar Smartphone interface as the Galaxy but has 16 MP cameras with CMOS sensors and image stabilizer optical. Don’t forget the Xeon Flash that will give amazing shots even when the light is insufficient.

Ultimate Smartphone

The official spokesperson has labeled the device as an “ultimate smartphone with unique camera experience in one” and why not it has all the features like 960x540p resolution display of 4.3-inch, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS with a Dual core 1.5GHz processor. There is a unique feature of Zoom ring in it. While on a call if you wish to share something, then just activate it and share pictures! While talking you can click a photo and share it via text messaging.

To get short cuts, quick launch and many more similar features check out the device at the Samsung gallery. Photo Suggest feature will connect users to the inspirational library of public images.

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