Curvaceous LG G Flex is Now Available from T-Mobile and AT&T


LG G GlexIt is not always that the compact and boxy gadgets are most liked by the gadget geeks, but sometimes the curvaceously designed products are also found appealing to the gadget lovers. This is the reason LG G Flex has been awaited and is now available for picking up from the two renowned carriers-T-Mobile and AT&T.

T-Mobile Offer

You can get the device through T-Mobile by either paying off a lump sum amount of $672 or subscribing with a Simple Choice Plan of $28 per month. However, this is not a cheap T-Mobile device, but the ergonomically sound body, self healing features and the attractive curvy display you will get by paying this amount is not a hefty deal.

AT&T Offer

Similarly if you will grab the device through AT&T offer then you will have to shell out $649.99 without contract and $299 with the contract of 2 years. This is a great device for holding off as in the next month in the upcoming MWC (Mobile World Congress) event there would be more flagship devices seen.  However, there is a flexibility of cancelling the plan anytime by paying off the due amount at that time.

Earlier in this year, we have already seen the hands-on reviews of LG G Flex and found it pretty impressive phone.

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