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BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 has just passed and with it comes a few announcements as well. One of the topics that were highlighted was the introduction of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. Through the Dev Alpha B handset, a few things were managed to be discovered. One of it is that the new operating system is very responsive and barely managed to sweat when the team from Engadget put it on a short test.

For those that are looking forward for the next generation BlackBerry, you can expect a screen resolution of 1280×768 as that is the standard resolution for BB10. Like the BlackBerry OS, there are active updating apps which is definitely a welcoming feature. BB10 is expected to support 8 most-recent active updating applications. This alone is a feature unique to the BlackBerry and as we have seen before, it works rather well too.

As far as the developers are concerned, you are looking at a pretty open system. This is because you can tinker around to apply house notifications to your applications. In addition to that, personal and work profiles are also available meaning that IT pros can tailor the devices to suit the corporate policy. In our point of view, BlackBerry 10 proves rather interesting and should be RIM’s last attempt to revive the company as well.

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