Dual mode GSM+CDMA mobile phones, a true world phone


Some people do a lot of travelling and it is important for these people to have their phone to connect to any available network regardless of whether it is through the GSM or CDMA technology. A lot of phones today can support only one of these technologies but there are a special few that have both of capabilities on a single phone and here is an article to highlight some of these phones.

Micromax x600

The Micromax x600 is made from India and it costs quite cheap for its feature as well. At roughly $80 after unlocked, it may be one of the cheapest dual mode phone in the market. It has a touchscreen but no 3G capability which may be a great disadvantage to a few people. Nonetheless, it would be a very handy phone to have for those that travels a lot.

Champs Duos E2652

Costing only $90 after converted from Indian Rupees to US Dollar, the Samsung Champs Duo E2652 is a world phone which doubles as a smartphone. It is a good choice for travellers but in order to get a hand on this phone, you may need to have a contact in India to help you ship the item to your place but nevertheless, you can expect it to be affordable even after shipping and handling.

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