Eagerly Awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 will be Released on April 22


The newly leaked picture of the Samsung Galaxy S4 reveals that the gadget will be released on April 22, and it differs from the picture of the handset one showed earlier.

You are aware of the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is April 22. But are you aware that there is still some confusion regarding the exact look of the model?

The recent picture of the android

The new gadget that is still pending its release will be squarer in form. Contradicting the rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy 4, the latest view of the model is being seen to sport a physical button for home. It also looks a little larger than the iPhone 5 and Samsung galaxy S3. The screen size is also differing from what was shown earlier.

The specs

Even though, certain parts of the rumor has been rubbished, the specs regarding the octa-core processor Exynos 5, 2GB Ram, 13MP rear camera, capability to shoot HD quality of video in 1080p, an additional snapper still hold viable.

Samsung is planning a launch via CES and we can say that the rumors are simply teasing the news of the official release on 22 of April.

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