Enjoy the Latest Samsung Epic 4G Android Phone


Realizing the importance of enjoying games and doing work at the same time, Sprint-the manufacturer of Samsung Epic 4G Android Phones has come up with this new gadget for the benefits of the users. This mobile phone works on the 4G technology which is the need of the hour today. The best part of this device is that all the movies, data, pictures, songs and other videos can be downloaded ten times faster than any other 3G cell phone. It further allows the users to connect to 3G services in those areas where 4G is not available.

Features of the Phone

The Samsung Epic 4G is provided with an attractive display TouchScreen which is brighter, thinner and provides an option of higher resolution HD videos than any other handset. The set is provided with a QWERTY keybord which makes the messaging task easier to perform. This Samsung handset runs on Android 2.1 Operating System. It is enabled with a HotSpot technology which enables a single user to enjoy 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices all at the same time.

Advantages of the Handset

Users can download the latest games, videos, widgets and many other latest applications in a matter of few minutes. It provides prompt access to YouTube, Facebook, Picasa etc and allows the users to manage their personal email accounts very efficiently.


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