First look at the Blackberry A10, 9720 device shipped out with an older version of OS


Blackberry has managed to survive in spite of the troubled past. Some time back the analysts were of the opinion that the Q10 and Z10 will be the culmination of line of Blackberry handsets. But now we have genuine leaks contradicting that the opinion; what say Mr Analyst?

Two BB devices soon to be launched

The Blackberry 9720 and the BB A10 is to reach the market by the end of this year. Nicknamed A10, the Aristo will target the Gaming cult as the niche audience. The leaks show a much larger display and to work up with the color schemes the smartphone has been given an AMOLED screen. The gadget is speculated to have a resolution of 1280x720p.

What more?

Aesthetically the device may be well compared to the Galaxy S4. It will have rounded off corners and will be given 2GB of memory with a dual core processor running on quad-core chip. The Blackberry 9720 is the updated version of the BB Bold.

But the Operating system is BB OS 7 and not the latest OS 10! One good thing is that the device is quite inexpensive in comparison to other BB devices.

Let’s see how these two stir the Blackberry market.

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