Fizwoz Nokia N8 Cam Application – Explore the New Dimensions in Photography


Camera has become an integral part of smartphones. Having a top-notch camera in the phone is major criteria that major industries focus on. The ability of smartphones to take high quality photos has also increased the interest in photography amongst many smartphone gadget owners.

Nokia N8 Camera

Nokia N8 has been one of the major leaders in providing the best camera phones. People, who want a smartphone with high-grade camera, definitely give Nokia N8 a thought. Nokia N8 has a whopping 12 Megapixel camera, which is far more than other smartphones. It also has arguably the best lens out there: Carl Zeiss. Xenon flash, face detection, geo-tagging and ND filter are other commendable features.

Fizwoz Cam App for Nokia N8

Nokia N8’s new app, Fizwoz Mobile is now available on the Ovi Store. Fizwoz Mobile could revolutionize photography, if it becomes popular to the larger mass. Fizwoz Mobile is an application that will manage the photos you take, but this is not the reason for its ability to create a revolution. Through Fizwoz Mobile users can sell their photos or videos to the media at bargained prices.

The photos and videos that are loaded by the Nokia N8 owners will be categorized such that that media can easily access the category they want. Categories will include Entertainment, Sports, Current Events, Famous Places etc. If a company wants to buy any photo or video then they will offer the uploader a price.


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