Flexible Kinetic Device from Nokia


Earlier this week, Nokia unveiled a unique OLED smartphone at the Nokia World 2011 and what makes this smartphone unique is the fact that this device responds to every twist and blend.

The Future Technology

The Kinetic device is very flexible and it features a UI that is totally dependent on the way users interact with it. There is no camera, GPS and any capacitive screen attached with it. It is made of durable as well as strong plastic which is comprised of AMOLED display. The UI is pretty cool as zooming can be done with a twisting maneuver. Just by bending the phone’s side back and bringing its center towards you will perform zooming.

The Flexible Device

The twisty and flexible device contains hardware which is used to power it and the kind of traditional functionality we get to see in the smartphones available on the market today, is missing in this kinetic device. Even though the Kinetic device is still in its infancy and Nokia has literally refused to delve into the technology that is used behind the making of this kinetic device. It is not certain whether Nokia will be able to transform this device into something that is marketable.

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