Fourth gen Samsung Galaxy S Could be Launched in March


According to the latest news in the air, the Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 will be launched in the market on the 15th of March tentatively, even though there is no official confirmation from Samsung. Yet sources from inside the Samsung family have reported, this and Europe will get to see the device first, and slowly other places will get to see it too.

Hardware News

The Galaxy S4 will run on eight-core 5Octa Exynos processor. The GPU is a Mali T658 featuring 2GB RAM. The display is 4.99 inches with a 13MP rear camera. The Operating System is rumored to be Android 4.2.1 Jelly bean instead of 4.2.2 version that Google is rolling out soon.

Europe followed by Asia

The Launchpad will be in Europe, but soon Asia will be getting to see it. Then it will be the turn of America, but that probably will not be until the end of April. By May and June Australian market and African market respectively will be able to see it.

So Mobile World Congress (MWC) no more gets to launch the gadget, and Samsung is planning the spotlight all for itself in an individual program.

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