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G Five G9000i

G Five G9000i is a dual sim (2 GSM) mobile phone developed by G Five. This phone has got some good features and it is getting good number of sales as well.

G Five G9000i Features and Specs –

The dual sim G9000i comes with a QWERTY keyboard and a big screen. The phone has got bluetooth, WAP, USB 2.0 and GPRS as the connectivity options and it has got some good looks as well. Other features of G Five G9000i are listed below –

# 2.4-inch HD QVGA LCD.

# 1.3 megapixel camera.

# MP3 Player, FM Radio.

# Video Player.

# Java.

G Five G9000i Price –

The price of G Five G9000i is quite reasonable in India, the price is close to Rs.3,500 which is somewhat $75-78.

Review –

The ‘basic features’, ‘looks’ and the ‘price’ of this phone are attractive for the casual users. This phone is fast, but it is not that good in several zones, for eg. when it comes to sending a file via bluetooth, you will first have to pair your device with the other one. It comes with pre-loaded games and social applications. I would say it is a ‘value for money’ phone, but if you’re looking for something in long run then this phone is not for you.

You can checkout more pictures of G9000i below.

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  1. navratan says:

    g’five g9000i i cannot use feacher of e-mail inbox & outbox

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  2. abinav says:

    g9000i does not have java.i tried to install java files but this phone not supported.this information is wrong

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  3. Ashu says:

    this phone is only Good looking, Mobile TV is good. No more good features…Bad Things features are long..Listener unable to hear clearly at other end….mail does not works…unable to open big files either as wallpaper as well as Facebook files…….totally disaster as multimedia phone..Camera is only VGA ..According to me do not buy this phone…

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  4. Anbarasan.P says:

    Hi G five

    His phone is only Good looking, Mobile
    Thank you

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  5. amit says:

    call me 9732928511

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