Get Customized Screens on Motorola Smartphones at Prices as Low as $50


Customizable Motorola SmartphoneEver since Google acquired Motorola, it has been in the news for various reasons such as new products, new features and even handsets without any contracts. Google has also been rapidly revising Android versions in these products.

Going Forward

It is the future of this smartphone company that gadgets world is now talking about because Google owned Motorola now intends to come up with smartphones starting for as little as $50 within a span of 6 months to 12 months. In addition, it will also let customers define the specifications they need instead of settling for a product that the smartphones manufacturers release in the market.

About Customizable Smartphones

As of now, Motorola can use real wood for making a smartphone if the customer so desires. It is also offering 18 color options for customers to choose from.

Not all features are used by everybody. This means people can forego some of the features that they do not need or will never use. Thereby they can reduce the cost of their smartphone and be, in a position to buy one that fits their budget. The next step perhaps would be to add on features as and when needed. On the whole, it is a progressive and welcome move from the perspective of consumers.

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