Good News for Nokia N8 Users – Symbian Anna and Cam Soft Update Available Now


Symbian Anna and mega camera update for the Nokia N8 users!

Nokia continues to surprise its fans by constantly ameliorating Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices released in 2010 with amazing features. Nokia has finally unveiled the Symbian Anna update for Nokia N8, C6-01, E7 and C7 and the camera software update feature for Nokia N8 which is a dream come true for the sophisticated users.

The new additions to get you going!

  • A better and an improved web browsing experience.
  • Easier functioning with the help of QWERTY keyboard as well as in-context entry.
  • A myriad of new icons for a better experience.
  • Ovi Maps version 3.6
  • Updated applications including social application, calendar application, photos app and mail application.

What is there in Updates

Both the Anna update and camera update for the N8 make it the perfect phone and something to crave for. It comes with 30 FPS video recording and continuous autofocus for close-up video recording. However you can enjoy camera update after updating to Symbian Anna.

Currently the beta version operates at 25 FPS which would be updated soon so that you can capture your precious moments and enjoy the magic of Nokia N8 exciting gadget. Both the features are great and would take Nokia one step ahead.

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