Good News for Windows Phone 7 Users: Now it is Skype Integrated


According to the sources, Microsoft is all set to integrate Skype video calling in all its forthcoming Windows Phones which is amazingly great!

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 looks promising

An attendant at Microsoft’s Tech Ed conference confirmed in an interview that all Windows mobile phones will have front facing cameras which are an essential thing for video calls to function. Having integrated this feature into the operating system will ultimately help the device in many ways. The icing on the cake is; battery consumption is minimized since it will put less overhead on the memory since the processors itself behave like system processors instead of behaving like applications. Indeed, Windows Phone 7 does look promising.

Further Steps Ahead by MS

Above all, Microsoft is also planning to introduce hotspot. It will enable the users to connect their tabs, laptops and other gadgets on wireless network. Currently, this plan is under development. Let’s see what is in store for us. Though Microsoft has not revealed much about their OS’s future improvements but with their latest Windows Phone 7, they seem to make everyone stunned! Also, it seems as if Microsoft is going to the right path to dominate Apple and Google is doing the same with its each latest OS.

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