How 3D Phones Work


3D phones are getting to be very popular among mobile techno-freaks today. Not only have a whole host of new 3D phones come into the market recently, but there are also an equally huge number of customers just waiting to get their hands on them, as and when they are released. So what exactly is this concept of 3D phones and how do 3D phones work?

Are 3D Phones Really Worth It?

3D technology has been around for many years. Only, we so far had 3D movies and then 3D HDTVs came by. But it is only now that 3D has made its foray into the mobile industry. Bringing this technology into a relatively small mobile device is indeed a challenge.

One can easily watch 3D movies using special 3D glasses for the same. But it would seem silly to do the same with a mobile device. Hence, 3D phones have to have a 3D display without the need to use special glasses.

The Technology behind 3D Phones

Normally, when you are watching a 3D movie, the special dark glasses create a different image for each eye, thereby giving you the seeming effect of a live, 3D image. In actuality, the human brain mixes up these two different images and creates a composite, “breathing”, 3D image.

So how is one able to perceive 3D content without wearing these special glasses? Well, an interesting technology called the APB or Autostereoscopic Parallax Barrier is what gives a glasses-free 3D display. Here, a device is kept in front of an LCD and this is what enables the user to get glasses-free 3D content.

The Japanese electronics giant, Sharp, has been working on this technology for quite some time. But they employ it a little differently. They use a “switching LCD”, which can shift between 2D and 3D imaging, without using special glasses. When the switching feature is turned off, you can see normal 2D content. But switching on the parallax barrier creates different patterns for each eye, thereby giving the 3D effect.

Current Issues with 3D Mobile Phones

At the moment, mobile 3D is still in its infancy. There is also a shortage of movies and othe 3D content right now. However, all these problems are expected to be set right in due course of time.

As of now, only 2 major manufacturers are selling 3D phones on a global scale. They are the HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D. It is rumored that Apple may also soon have a 3D version of its iPhone. Game developers such as Epic have already launched 3D games such as the Infinity Blade 3D, for this future platform.

In conclusion, 3D phones seem to be poised to become the future of mobile phones. Experts are already working round the clock to create better 3D technology and so, one can expect a veritable 3D phone boom in the coming couple of years.

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    i recently purchased a Moses M300 mobile phone which has 3d features and ofcourse i did received a 3d glass for it, but unfortunately i had no idea how to experience 3d effects, & what all i can play in it & from where and how to download stuffs etc., most importantly i want to know it is suitable only for games or even can watch 3d movies. Please help me….

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