How To Improve Your Phone Signal


There are quite a few methods to boost your phone signal. The very best of them is to update your phone. With newer technology, each phone is more powerful and this way the signal reception is also improving. With the appearance of more and more cell towers, the new phones should be getting more bars than older ones.

Remember, your operator will not improve reception in your area just because you’re asking. They will not benefit financially from the enhancement of the signal. The majority of users believe that they can do anything to improve the reception of their phone, but it is not always true. The following steps will explain what to do.

Try to keep your battery level higher than 50%. Your phone uses a lot more power when you use it to make phone calls over the standby mode. Often, your battery will be sufficiently charged to allow you to initiate a phone call, but not enough to find the signal. If you have signal problems, try to improve your reception.

Try to go outside or to a window rather than trying to call from inside a building. Buildings and other large structures greatly reduce reception. If you are already in the street, surrounded by buildings, try to reach an intersection, you may find a better signal. There are several configurations especially for buildings that helps everyone to the advantage of the whole space. Sometimes, the building materials used in the construction interfere with the cell phone signal.

Grab the phone correctly. The antennas for mobile phone are designed to transmit the signal to the outside, perpendicularly to the axis of the antenna. For this reason, mobile phones seek signal in a circular area around the antenna. If you wield your cell phone in an unconventional way, on the side or upside down, will prevent the antenna to function properly. Hold the phone upright for maximum reception. In some recent phones the antenna is located at the bottom, and in these cases you may get a better reception by holding the phone upside down.

Use a Wi-Fi instead of cellular network. Use the data traffic to communicate. If your phone supports the VoIP protocol, you can use the internet connection to make phone calls.

Change operator. Each operator has a different network coverage and can reach better or worse certain areas. If the signal in your area offered by an operator is very weak, find out if another operator offers a better signal and consider whether to make the move or not.

When driving, one of the best ways to boost your cell phone signal is to use a mobile signal booster. This antenna attaches on the outside of the car and with the help of a wire connects directly to your phone. That specific antenna is truly portable which means it is not required to glued on a car, but can be used everywhere you want. If you are in a quiet part of your area, the antenna can help you win one or more bars because it is much powerful than your cellular antenna which is a small part somewhere in your phone.

Some other ways to enhance the signal includes relays, power amplifiers and antennas that mount under the battery of the phone. Each configuration has its advantages and disadvantages.

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