HTC “Buffy” – the Facebook Phone


Facebook is working hard with HTC to release a phone which will entirely be used for social networking purposes – Buffy.

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This phone is going to be a lot different from the entire previous Facebook phone. But customers will have to wait around 12 to 18 months to get their hands on this gadget. As Amazon and Barnes & Noble have recently created tablets which are running customized versions of Google’s Android, this is one reason Facebook is adopting a similar strategy.


Farmville and Poker game lovers are going to love this phone since players will be able to play the games directly from the Facebook app. The USP of this phone is users will no longer have to download apps separately from Facebook as this phone will have all the apps in-built. Named as “Buffy”, the phone will serve all the Facebook apps via HTML5 support.

In an interview with the Facebook spokesperson, he said “Our mobile strategy is simple and what we believe is every single mobile device is better if it is designed to be social”. We are dealing with operators, hardware manufacturers, OS providers all across the globe so as to bring powerful social experience.

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    This phone will be quite interesting to explore but I doubt it’s functionality!
    Anyway, here are some more details about FACEBOOK PHONE

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