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HTC, a Taiwan-based manufacturer, is best known for their touchscreen smartphones. Initially starting off with the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS, they are now working with the Android OS as well. It is a well-known fact that HTC keeps churning new smartphones all the time (I myself am the proud owner of the HTC P3452, which is a truly wonderful handheld). But through it all, there is yet another HTC smartphone that has managed to focus customers’ attention to itself and keep it that way, ever since its foray into the market. This one is none other than the perky HTC 5800 Fusion. Read on for more….

The HTC 5800 Fusion is, in a way, the CDMA counterpart of the GSM HTC S710 Vox. This device runs the Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard OS. This handheld is mostly for execs looking to own full-features WinMo phones, with an integrated QWERTY keyboard for fast messaging convenience. We now bring you an in-depth analysis of the HTC 5800 Fusion.

The HTC 5800 is a cute little slider phone, smaller than most other smartphones from HTC. It is narrower from the sides and comes with 240×320 QVGA resolution screen, navigation cluster and numeric keypad just below it. The D-pad is wide for easy navigation, but may be considered a little too clustered for some. The numeric keypad is great though, and gives good travel and feedback. While the HTC Fusion does not have separate EV-DO, it does give users great call clarity, so there can be no complaints on that end!

This smartphone employs the normal Today layout, with the app shortcuts on top and notes, email and so on, at the bottom. The UI is customizable and the contacts database is seamlessly integrated with Outlook and gives the user the facility to store almost unlimited details about each contact. The HTC 5800 also supports POP3, Google, AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts, which is a definite plus. It additionally supports SMS, MMS and Windows Media Player.

The device also comes with a highly customizable 2MP camera, which offers good clarity pictures and video. Most of the pictures taken are usually free of noise, though clarity is better during outdoor photo shooting. But then, that is the case with all camera phones, right? The video recording feature is smooth and grain-free and the device does a good job even while capturing moving objects or generally panning.

The Pocket IE is quite efficient and gives the user a trouble-free browsing experience. The Comm Manager is good too, letting the user quickly adjust his radio settings with just a click. The long battery life is undeniably one of the best things about the HTC 5800.

Of course, the HTC 5800 comes with many pluses. But there are minuses too – this smartphone lacks a touchscreen and docking cradle. We really missed the touchscreen display – HTC never disappoints as regards to that particular feature. Besides, the WiFi functionality may or may not be present all the time.


In conclusion, the HTC 5800 is one smartphone that is definitely worth more than just a look. Check out the video below and do consider bringing one home!

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  1. Vladimir says:

    Hmm.. now which to choose? Dell Aero or HTC 5800

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  2. GearMan says:

    The Dell Aero is definitely nice. I would go with the Dell if you love the brand and they have pretty good support. The HTC is quite nice if you don’t care about that and want the coolest features.

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