HTC Announced Revamped Version of HTC One Smartphone


With the news of the Mobile World Congress to happen soon, HTC wants to create its own space. Hence it has announced the HTC One that has been unveiled by the CEO himself-Peter Chou. It is supposed to make heads turn since it is a high end gadget but at a cheaper price.

Advanced camera

The camera has been supplied with added features that help it to work perfectly even in low light. It looks surely promising since the ‘UltraPixel” has a lower resolution as compared to others in the same range. The sensors have been improved up on and, as a result, lighter enters the lens. The pixel has been enlarged to provide brighter images.

The internal features

The HTC One runs on Snapdragon Qualcomm 600 processor. It is compatible not only with 3G but also with 4G networks. It has a metallic look apart from the earlier polycarbonate. HTC has added two new features- BoomSound and BlinkFeed. BoomSound features front facing speakers with inbuilt audio beats, whereas, BlinkFeed can aggregate the freshest content from the interesting sources to your home screen.

It is high time for HTC to create some stir because it had been low on sales since the last year. Let’s see if this flagship model gives momentum to the sales and out shine the Samsung Gadgets.

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