HTC First with Facebook Home at 99 cents and two year contract from A&T


Just a month back we came across that Facebook phone and now we get the Home sporting Facebook on HTC First at 99 cents, and two year contact with AT&T. The gadget was originally priced at $99.99.

What the AT&T site has professed

The AT&T site has said that there is almost 99.72% discount on the device. It looks an incredible offer keeping in mind such an advanced hi-end device compatible with 4G network. But does it forebode an excellent future for the Facebook Phones that are still in the planning stage?

The complete scenario

If we see the complete picture, we do not see any reductions or similar contracts with Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S; of course when newer versions arrive, there is a cut-down. We could own an iPhone 4 at $99 with two year contact after the iPhone 5 came into existence.

Again there was a similar fifty per cent reduction the prices of Samsun galaxy S3. It could be a possibility that the reduction in price for the HTC First might attract the new customers. We will keep our fingers cross and await the fate of the coming Facebook Home Androids!

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