HTC Hero S Soon to Support the Sprint Network


That wonderful smartphone, HTC Hero S, which just released for US Cellular, will also support the Sprint network, very soon. Though a fairly recent release, the Hero S has now become the current craze among smartphone lovers, especially among diehard HTC fans (like me!).

Apparently, the FCC has already nodded its approval for the Sprint Hero S. The hardware for the new version of the Hero S smartphone will support Sprint’s particular network type, which includes WiMAX and CDMA in the older iDEN band.

The FCC has therefore approved two distinct variants of the Hero S smartphone. The one for US Cellular has been described in FCC’s official documents as having the WiMAX “operation disabled by software change only”. The Sprint version of the Hero S, obviously, is WiMAX enabled.

As many of you may already know, the original HTC Hero was Sprint’s very first Android smartphone. The new Hero S includes interesting upgrades to the previous model. Features include a 1.2GHz Snapdragon S2 processor, qHD display, GSM/WCDMA networks supporting global roaming, front-facing camera and more.

Right now, no official statement has been made either by Sprint or HTC on this issue. But we sure do expect action soon.

So guys, are you purchasing the Hero S? If yes, which carrier would you prefer? Or do we need to ask that question at all?!

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