HTC One Coming to Verizon in Blue Hue Color


Recently, Samsung has been appealing a lot of costumers by introducing a flagship smartphone model and a number of variants showing brilliant features and specs. On the other hand, HTC is introducing their flagship phone which will be available in a variety of color options.

Blue Hue Color Option for HTC One

Moving in the same line HTC One has recently introduced HTC One in glamor red, which has already come to the Sprint users. The glamor red color is exclusively available in the UK for Phone 4U Verizon customers will be happy to know that they can get one impressive HTC One in Hue Blue color as will be available to them in a few days. This color is quite appreciable as it is very much different from the stereotype white and silver color.

Availability of Blue Hue

Till now it is not clear if the gadget-HTC One Blue Hue will be making its way to the carriers other than Verizon or not. Maybe HTC One is planning to introduce exclusive colors for the different carriers and some other color will be coming to other carriers in the near future.

HTC One Blue Hue is speculated to arrive to Verizon sometime later in the month of August charging the same $199.

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