HTC One Max Unveiled with Fingerprint Scanner


HTC One MaxHTC One Max is one of the latest gadgets unveiled in the marketplace. This is from Thailand based electronic business that qualifies as a Phablet because of its supersize and weight. Each of these Phablets weighs approximately 7.5 ounces.


The display in this Phablet is 5.9 inches, which is a tad larger than that of 5.7 inches in Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  There is nothing else extraordinary in this 1080 pixel HD display. The HTC BlinkFeed feature facilitates customizing home screen. This means users can download as many as 120 articles for viewing later. Content can be downloaded from Google+ as well as Instagram.

The most striking feature is the Fingerprint Scan feature. It is on the reverse of the device. This scanner is for locking and unlocking screens. In addition, it allows the user to identify 3 specified applications with finger prints of three different fingers. The feature; however, does not help in authenticating purchases as is possible with the TouchID feature found in Apple’s iPhone S.

The UltraPixcel camera and HTC Zoe feature let you take still pictures but also provide you with a little video recording without your knowledge. There is Video Highlights facility, as well. Your video recording includes sound, giving you a small movie with each recording session.

This Phablet has the usual dual speakers on the front, but Beats Audio is replaced by HTC Boom Sound.


On board storage in HTC One Max is 32GB. This is complemented with 50GB online storage on the drive from Google. A microSD card is also provided for expanding the storage as needed. A desirable but absent feature is the removal of batteries.

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