HTC One Series Out for Sale


The HTC One X and One S have hit the Android smartphone market- the Ice Cream Sandwich Android gadgets will be launched with agreements by carriers. Meanwhile, the SIM free models of the devices have already been started shipping via pre-order sales.

Specs and Cost

With the introduction of a dedicated HTC imaging chip, the image quality that lagged behind is sure to catch up to the likes of Apple and Samsung. The new HTC Sense 4.0 also is introduced in the new one smartphones along with 23 GB of free DropBox storage.

The SIM free HTC One X will cost £492 from Clove stores in UK while the HTC One S retails at £420 from the same vendor. In the US, they will roll out of the AT&T and T-Mobile stores- nothing is announced yet. AT&T will carry out a dual core version of the One X that replaces the chipset Tegra 3 by Snapdragon S4 from Qualcomm.

Will HTC fight back?

The performance of the HTC Android smartphone product line was far from satisfactory last year as Apple and Samsung bagged the honors- we might yet see a resurgent run by HTC this year with improvements. The smartphone market is in for more surprises!

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