HTC One Smartphone Finally Arriving on 22 August


This week gadget world is watching a lot of dates about the release of various devices.  But the Verizon customers were waiting for the announcement for the HTC One under the carrier-ship of Verizon. Finally Verizon has confirmed for the availability of HTC One smartphone and the date announced is August 22.

Details about the Release

For Verizon customers, countdown has already begun, and they are glad to hear that they are only one week away for getting the hands on experience on the flagship smartphone- HTC One. In store and online availability of the HTC flagship model will be available from 22 August. The news flowed via Verizon Twitter account which also showed the front and back photos of the device. Like always the Verizon branding was present on the back side above the Beats and Verizon logo and moniker of 4G LTE.

Price of HTC One

The tweets from Verizon account revealed the rates of the device to be $199 that will be available with the service agreement of two years. Right now the color options are not disclosed but with the revealed pictures it can be inferred that the gadget will be available in the usual silver and black models.

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