HTC One X 5 to Reach the Public’s Eye Soon


The much-awaited new HTC smartphone is predicted to hit the store shelves in a few months from now. According to online sources, the HTC One X 5 is a 5.5-inch model and is advertised as a crossbreed between a smartphone and a tablet – phablet. The seeped out pictures point out that the gadget is a sleek representation of HTC’s earlier mobile models, with the stylus omitted out of the image.

Interesting Features

Bloggers and mobile market analysts are expecting integrated HTC Sense and Beats Audio features, as new inclusions to the phablet. With Verizon’s fourth generation LTE network connectivity, the equipment is expected to house a 1080-pi high-definition display screen and a quad-core S4 Pro Snapdragon processor.

HTC Joining the Smartphone Boom

The rising success and market value of other smartphones in the arena have resulted in a boom of more such products hitting consumer shelves in recent times. HTC’s reply with its novel One X 5 is on the lines of other leading names like Samsung and Nokia. It is now up to the mobile enthusiasts to pick and choose from the array of phablets from the released and revealed stock pile.

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