HTC venturing to corporate market, releases HTC Pro website


A lot of smartphone companies are now targeting the corporate market and it may be due to Blackberry losing its grip over the market that it holds tightly before. Apple had already done so with iPhone in Business and it seems that HTC wants to be the next company to venture into the corporate market and thus, it has released the HTC Pro website.

Like iPhone in Business, HTC Pro does a lot of explaining for the user on how HTC can contribute to the business. These include the features that are present in their smartphones such as Email, Task, Document Handling, Online Storage and a few others. As of now, HTC Pro only highlights the importance of HTC smartphone in a business environment and it may not appeal to many except to the CIO or the people that are trying to convince their business to change into HTC smartphones.

HTC Pro is still a new website but we hope that it will do a lot more rather than just explaining to potential customers on what their smartphones can do. Maybe a feature specific for HTC phones such as the HTC Sense can be developed so that the HTC Pro brand can be of a certain use for the company.

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