Image Leaked out for Motorola Droid Maxx


It seems Motorola is working hard to remake its image and for this upcoming Moto X model has already created hype in the market. But this is not the only smartphone for which the company has been working upon. Recently some images leaked on Twitter account @evleaks has shown that Motorola is continuing partnership with Verizon for producing Droid based smartphones like Motorola Droid Maxx.

Difference with Moto X

Droid Maxx will be quite different with the Moto X as the later is not a Verizon’s droid smartphone and Moto X would be available with many carriers. Whereas, Droid Maxx gadget will be carried on the line of Motorolas Droid branded smartphones like the earlier made Droid Motorola models of 2009.

Design of Droid Maxx

As revealed in the image, the Droid Maxx will be an advanced version of the previous year’s RAZR Maxx HD and Droid RAZR HD. But despite having some evolutionary features of RAZR Maxx HD/RAZR HD it is not carrying the RAZR name. Other similarity will be the pattern of trademark carbon fiber, but the bezel display surrounding looks to be more condensed.

Moreover, it has been speculated that Droid Maxx will have a larger screen within the same chasis size. Let us wait for the further announcements to see the other details of the upcoming Droid Maxx.

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