Images of Google Nexus Leaked


Google NexusThe images of Google Nexus phone were leaked on the Nexus’ Google+ community of Indonesia. Gadgets world had an inkling of the impending arrival of the new phones from Google because there were reports in May 2015. The reports were indicating that Google was possibly partnering LG for manufacturing a 5.2-inch device, and Huawei for building a 5.7-inch device. It was The Verge that said about the latest images on Nexus’ Google+.

 The Image

The image seen on The Internet is actually the back of the device, which seems to be a white device. Though the image is not clear, there does appear to be a sticker at the base of the phone’s back. Inside this is what resembles LG logo. The device’s building camera, flashes (dual-LED), and laser focus were also identified from the image. Above the camera and below the camera the image exhibited same sized circles, which are presumably scanners for scanning fingerprints. This image is quite like another set of leaked images of an LG device which were reported last week. The similarity is in the rounded back as well as the camera.

Launch of Google Nexus

As yet, Google has not disclosed any date for launching either of the two devices. Google has also not confirmed whether the leaks doing round were genuine or not. Effectively, the leak could also be a hoax.


Leaks have kept the market going. The market knows that Google needs to bring in new devices sooner than later. Since the market for smartphones is almost saturated, the players are scrambling for remaining market share. Google too will have to capture and retain its market share by periodically offering new products with new and additional features. If not today, tomorrow the Company will have no choice but to announce its intention to introduce these products.

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