Images of Samsung’s Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 are Leaked Now


Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5Gadgets world is aware of Samsung’s plans to introduce new smartphones under its Samsung Galaxy line. They are also aware that the two new smartphones would be called Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A5. However, the specifications, features, and dimensions remained something to speculate about till the recent leak. If the leaks are genuine, Samsung Galaxy A3, and Samsung Galaxy A5 will not be the only two smartphones to hit the market. The company also intends to introduce Galaxy A7 in this series.


For starters, the back covers of both Galaxy A3 and A5 seem to be non-removable. Apparently, they have aluminum chassis of 100pc. The 5 inch display, which is HD AMOLED may be present on Samsung Galaxy A5.  The display of A3 is slightly smaller, i.e., 4.52 inches. A3 seems to have two cameras like in the most of the modern smart phones. The one on the front is 5 MP, whereas the one on the rear is 8 MP. Unlike it, Samsung Galaxy A5 would have a rear camera that is 13 MP.


Market expects both the devices to have Snapdragon’s processors, i.e., 400 quadcore. LTE support is also there for both the devices.

The price of these two devices will determine whether the devices would be able to corner any market share. For now, market expects the Galaxy A3 to cost anywhere between 350 to 400 and the Galaxy A5 to be around 400 to 450.

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