Intel’s Medfield Phone Will be Revealed This Week


Intel has been working hard with their processors, especially the Medfield version. Already in the mobile market gadgets built on ARM-based processors are seen everywhere, but Intel has planned this week to change this trend.

What CEO said?

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini informed the reporters and investors that they are going to launch first Medfield phone made by Intel by the end of this week. What we can make out from this information is phone will not be available at Verizon or local market this weekend. However, the announcement from Motorola or Lenovo is expected to come. The Lenovo Racer-A is Intel’s first phone powered by its chip was shown earlier in CES with its hands-on features.

Similarly, it has been speculated that Motorola is also going to release Medfield based phone in the near future.

Racer-A – First Intel’s chip powered phone

K800 is the other name of Racer-A is the only public phone besides Orange Santa Clara, which will hit the market tremendously soon. Moreover, the other rumors have sprung up regarding the Motorola Medfield based on Android 4.0 ICS, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Therefore, we can expect K800 (Racer-A) to be revealed by the end of this week with possible release date and its pricing. The 4.5-inch Intel’s Medfield phone based on Android 4.0 ICS is the newer concept slated to be released in China.

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