iPhone 5 Prototype Photos Leaked


GottaBeMobile has obtained some photos of the iPhone 5 sample gadgets taken from a Chinese factory and reports of a larger display have been ascertained. This will be the first prime design change after the launch of the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 5 will be unveiled later this year along with the iOS 6. Most of the details of the phone are; however, still not deductible from these images.

Size Matters

The new Apple iPhone will be taller with about the same width but expectedly thinner. Subsequently the aspect ratio will be close to the 16:9 that of the widescreen displays. The larger size surely points to introducing a larger battery, but it will not probably increase the backup due to the larger screen and due to 4G LTE connection likely to be used.

Other Changes Expected

The camera in iPhone 5 will have a microphone between the flash LED and the camera along with it to capture video better and to reduce noise during calls. A liquid metal finish was previously rumored, but it is still a guessing game. Another major design change that is widely expected to come to the fore is a smaller dock connector with the MagSafe magnetic charge port feature that is used now as the charging connector in MacBooks.

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