iPhone 5 to have a Larger 4 inch Screen


If you think, the iPhone 4S is sizzling, iPhone 5 will be much better if rumors are to be believed. The new generation of the iPhone, gadgets yet to be released will have a larger 4-inch screen coming with a brand new and sleeker design.

What is New?

The sleek and new design will be the main attraction of the iPhone 5 and the 4G connectivity support will be an added advantage. Customers are expected to ‘dwarf’ iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S when the new iPhone is launched- that in itself is and achievement in itself considering that present iPhones have been hugely successful. The built-up to the iPhone 5 launch is the same if one looks at what happened before iPhone 4 debuted.

Unlocked Old iPhones

Finally, AT&T allowed unlocking iPhones- and that is terrific news for Apple users since the wireless network has a vast network. T-Mobile has long been an ardent supporter of old iPhone users. The T-Mobile network has about one million unlocked and or jailbroken iPhone gadgets.

T-Mobile, however, has a less attractive connectivity solution compared to other networks like AT&T or Sprint- the 3G network is still not the best, and the 4G HSPA+ network will only be introduced this year.

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  1. Tried to jailbreak my 4s a bunch of times & for hours it’s doesn’t complete but the icon shows up. My phone keeps beeping and the spinner keeps spinning too HELP PLEASE

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