iphone 5S/iPhone 6 Back Shell Pictures Leaked


The “Go Green” theme is so much popular these days, and it seems the next generation iPhone back shell is inspiring with the theme and getting green in color. The rear shell picture of iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 has been leaked by the WeiPhone Chinese site.

iPhone 5 Rear Shell Clone

It is a bright possibility that the pictures could be of the parts of Chinese clone of the rear shell of iPhone 5. As it has rounded edges with a rear microphone of rounded shape, so it could be meant that it must be belonging to the next gen iPhone model. The leak pictures of the rear shell also fall in line  with suggestions and tips given few weeks back for the so called “low cost or budget phone”. This includes the color similarity of the gadget’s rear shell with the latest iPhone bumpers.

The Upcoming Low Cost iPhone

The previous reports have also shown the iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 as a low cost mid end device. Mark Moskowitz and Gokul Hariharan- analysts of J.P. Morgan have spoken recently to AllThingsD and revealed that Apple is not going to make iPhone with the lower quality components. Instead of this some other approach will be taken by Apple for creating the mid-range iPhone 5S/6 budget device.

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