iPhone Lite to Arrive in Early Sept. and iPhone 5S Facing Production Difficulties


According to the recent reports from Apple the iPhone Lite is on the track and expected to arrive in the early September. However, iPhone 5S is facing certain production problems due to which the gadget’s launch might be deferred to late September.

Reports Gathered from Analysts

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that iPhone Lite launch will fall on the early Sept. as expected but iPhone 5S launch will take a little longer. These details about the launching of Apple devices were first shared by the Appleinsider on Monday. Later on Kuo also said that the production difficulties for iPhone are almost same as it happened last year during the launch of iPhone 5.

Shipment of iPhone Lite

iPhone Lite is a low budget plastic version and its manufacturing process, is less complicated as compared to iPhone 5S model. The cost of the device will be around $450-$550 and it is expected that around 26 million units will be shipped, but that will be quite low as the market expectations are between 30-40 million units.

Kue also expects iPhone Lite to be a profitable endeavor as its cost is low.

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