iPhone makers lost patent infringement to Kodak


The U.S International trade Commission finally declared not to review the patent infringement case of Apple against the Eastman Kodak yesterday. Apple filed the claim alleging that Kodak violated the Patent 6,031,964 and patent RE38,911 which are a “system and method for using a unified memory architecture to implement a digital camera device” and a “modular digital image processing via an image processing chain with modified parameter controls” respectively.

Kodak wins Finally

The ITC arbitrator Robert Rogers stated that products of Kodak were not violating the patent of Apple and the complete six member commission of ITC decided to topple the ruling. After studying the entire investigation, record by record, the Commission finally decided not to review the case.

More Details Over the Issue

There is another ITC case that both the companies are engaged in which was filed by Kodak against Apple and Research in Motion claiming that the companies have defied its patents with the usage of image previews in Blackberry and iPhone gadgets. Though the ITC judge ruled out the claim, the six commissioners of ITC agreed to ear to the companies arguments.

Apple did lost the case against Kodak but that could not stop it to bag the victory against HTC for violating two of the patent of the company.


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