iPhones 5 Coming in October with Support from China Mobile


When the Apple iPhone 5S will finally be released it will have the iOS 6 operating system and Siri in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese and integrate with Chinese social sites like Baidu. Meanwhile, AppleInsider says that the new gadgets will roll out by October this year when the iOS 6 will also make its first appearance.

What to Expect

The carriers for the new iPhone are expected to be Sprint, T-Mobile and later China Mobile. The fact that the new smartphone will supports China Mobile is Apple’s ploy to go global- China Mobile is the largest cellular operator in the world with about 650 million subscribers. The smartphone will come with HSPA+ support especially on AT&T, but LTE will be missed now too.

Not to be Called ‘iPhone 5’

A Forbes report says that the next upgrade slated for September will be launched with minor tweaks and upgrades from the present iPhone 4S. The changes may be including better cameras and using an A5 dual core processor among some other minor changes. Well, watch out if you look to upgrade, the connector may be a 19-pin port rather than the present 30-pin port.

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