Is Nokia Lumia 1020 Likely Nudge out your DSLR?


nokia-lumia-1020-cameraNokia’s recent advertisements are all about its Lumia 1020. For those who are unfamiliar with what Nokia Lumia 1020 is, it is a camera phone from Nokia encroaching territory that hitherto belonged to Canon’s 60D DSLR.

About Nokia Lumia 1020

Lumia 1020 has a PureView sensors with 41MP. Nokia first introduced this feature in Nokia 808. The company claims that it has rewritten algorithms of this camera phone in its latest update of Lumia Black. Therefore, the camera phone can be expected to offer images better than Canon’s DSLR.


There are ample reasons for gadgets world to be excited about this product from Nokia, such as optical image stability and shutter speed versatility. The camera can; therefore, be used for photography that requires longer exposure to light, as well as one in which shots are taken quickly. Operating system in this device is the Windows 8. This in-built OS lets the camera phone use about 165 applications such as Microsoft Office, Nokia Music, and Nokia lens.  A 720p video recording feature that lets user zoom 6 times without losing image apart from excellent recording of stereo sound are the final reasons to look at this device.

Notwithstanding the revised algorithms, Nokia 1020’s camera is yet to reach the perfection level of DSLR. This does not mean that the product would not find takers. It certainly will make a dent in DSLR’s market. People new to photography will certainly turn to this device instead of DSLR since it is multifunctional.

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