Jil Sander Launches his own Series of Mobile Phone with LG


Jil Sander who is a fashion designer is all set to launch a new luxury mobile phone. He is yet another designer to join the league of designers who have launched their brand of luxury phones along with clothes and accessories.

About its OS and Technology

The operating system in this mobile phone is of Microsoft Windows and that too its latest version who has been code named as Mango. The mobile phone of Tag Heuer uses an older version of Google which is quite contrasting while Vertu who is another luxury mobile phone maker uses Nokia’s technology.

The retail price of this mobile phone is expected to be around €300 which is quite economic as compared to other mobiles of this league. Vertu however is expected to sell its phones for not less than thousand pounds.

A Combination of Luxury and Technology

Jil Sander claims this gadget as a combination of luxury and technology. He stated that the phone is of LG and LG defines modernity with a touch of luxury and poise. The launch of so many luxury phones clearly shows the new era which is coming up as technology is getting beautifully blended with luxury and style.

This mobile phone also contains an attractive application for its users which would help them to stay connected with social media and share their data. The phone will be available in all the leading online stores including its official site store.jilsander.com where you can buy this phone.

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