Kodak Planning to Launch Smartphone and Other Devices in 2015


KodakAfter regaining its strength from bankruptcy in 2012 Kodak, is planning to launch some gadgets in the market. For this Kodak is making a partnership with the Bullitt Group.  In the recent event of CES 2015 of smart devices, it has been predicted that variety of smartphone and mobile devices will be seen there to make their debut.

About the Devices

The announcement has revealed that the smartphones will have ease of accessibility though they will provide a high-end experience. The devices will be equipped with the sharing features, image capture sand management capability too. With the help of the software for remote management, family members would be able to offer help and support to their dear ones. The software will come with a pre-installed application in the gadget.

More Information

Though there is not much information available on the device but it is for sure that it will be an Android. Moreover, it also seems that the smartphone will target the masses more rather than the lovers of the stylish phone devices.

In the upcoming CES event, Kodak is planning to provide a full coverage of its other upcoming devices. Kodak has already said that the smartphone will be the first gadget to be launched in 2015. The other devices would be a 4G handset, a tablet and connected camera going to be launched in the second half of 2015.

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