Latest iPhone 5S Components Leaked Out


Leaked pictures show Vibration motor, Home Button, FaceTime camera on the speculated Apple next smartphone gadget– iPhone 5S. It was last Friday that we came to know about the components of the iPhone 5S- home button, front camera, Vibrator motor to name a few- but official confirmation is still not there. This is just a speculation since the country specific numbers has appeared.

Czech Republic after US

Definitely the iPhone 5S is supposed to be launched in the US first, but the one next is line is speculated to be Czech Republic because it is deemed as a first-tier market. In the speculated sneak peak image, the home button is pretty different from the March Report; the vibrators seem to have a dual head which is quite in contrast to the rotational vibrator single head with counterweight that was speculated before.

Rumors keep cropping up

You must be wondering that iPhone 5S is giving rise to a lot of rumors, and I too feel the same. For example, there are rumors that Apple will enable fingerprint scanning in the device. We can also expect a multicolor option from the gadget because we have seen “multicolor SIM trays”.

But there is the news confirmed that the gadget is not going to arrive before the fall this year!

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