Leaked Screenshot Gives Hint for Nokia’s Moneypenny- Dual SIM Phone


Nokia MoneyPennyNokia borrowed the name “Moneypenny” from James Bond novels to represent the latest range of dual-SIM Nokia smartphones, which as of now are not in the market. The company introduced several products this October, so new products were not expected from it for a while till somebody leaked information about Moneypenny’s existence. Recently the gadgets world has gained access to a screenshot of this smartphone, which was mainly thought of as 3G phone.

Speculations about Moneypenny

The company’s sources are tight lipped, but the home screen on this device as seen in the screenshot is filled with tiles for messaging and phone applications. Based on this screen’s layout, it does look like Windows 8.1 may be preloaded in it. The search, back, and windows keys are now virtual unlike in the previous smartphone models from Nokia. People are also expecting all capacitive buttons to become virtual in this device thanks to Windows 8.1, which may actually be pre-installed in it.

The 3G Factor Confirmation

Prior to this screenshot leak of Nokia Moneypenny, people were only expecting the device to be 3G dual SIM phone. But screenshot almost confirms this expectation because there are two indicators of signal strength, implying the presence of 3G radio within the smartphone.

Once again it was @evleaks that revealed something that the company was not in a rush to reveal. However, it remains to be seen what else this Windows 8.1 based device has to offer since there is nothing concrete to speculate on in specifications side.

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