Lenovo offers Virtual Keyboard in its Latest Smartphone


Lenovo Smart CastLenovo recently showcased its new smartphone capable of projecting and using the virtual keyboard at Tech World event. This is heartening news for all smartphone manufacturers and even gadgets world. Stagnation in technological developments led to smartphone manufacturers coming up with combinations of different features to lower costs and capture larger market share. Lenovo has given the gadgets world a new lease of life with this feature, which is not perfect as yet, but it still gives the developers a direction for research.

Technology behind Lenovo’s Virtual Keyboard

Lenovo refers to the device as “Smart Cast”.  Lenovo’s smartphone has a laser projector integrated with it. According to Lenovo’s spokesperson, this projector measures approximately 34mm x 26mm x 5mm. This projector serves two functions. First of all, it projects image resembling a conventional keyboard. This is not merely an image. People can use it for standard keyboard, i.e., use it interactively. The projector is also capable of beaming videos and piano keys. Such projected images can be on any surface. Therefore, it is a virtual keyboard that Lenovo is presenting to gadgets world.

Is the Technology New? 

Though Lenovo has done a lot of pioneering work on this technology, it can’t claim it to be entirely proprietary technology because Samsung did come up with a watch with this technology in not too distant past. Lenovo has refined it to expose its potential. Lenovo’s keyboard is by no means perfect. But it can change the way smartphones are used. People may no longer need larger devices than the ones they have.


Though the technology and feature supported by it is not perfect as yet, this device will create frenzy in hardware and software markets. Developers will clamor to perfect it because it does away with the need to use part of the screen as keyboard. For gadgets manufacturers, this is also a bad news because the existing devices will suddenly command a lower price. But then, that is an inherent risk in gadgets manufacturing business.

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