LG Escape Smartphone Seeps Out with AT&T Details


There are ripe speculations on the functionalities of LG Escape, the new version mobile gadget from LG Electronics that is likely to show its face to the public in a week’s time from now. Housing a double core processor, this 4.3-inch display screen device, is expected to take over Motorola’s Droid Razr M mobile phone in design and features.

4G LTE Services

The equipment will employ 4G LTE networking services, thus placing it parallel to the other bigger mobile brands releases. The package comprises of the wireless NFC standards of work alongside AT&T sustained performance. It is a wonder that the slim and sleek gadget accommodates a large battery life system for long duration capacity.


The front and back-integrated cameras have accomplished megapixel resolution for quality picture output. A relation of the LG Intuition set up, this mobile device works on an Android (Ice cream Sandwich make) OS. As per market assumptions, it is yet to be ascertained whether the smartphone will provide a removable battery facility owing to size of the battery, placing into consideration the thinness of the phone. It is a regular LG feature to retain the back panel, but with this different design presentation, it is to be seen whether the device will hold true for a SIM card and microUSB slot. LG Escape will certainly not escape the notice of mobile followers, in the week to come.

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