LG Fireweb-Mozilla Firefox OS SmartPhone Launched by LG


LG FirewebSmartphones have been around for a while, and so has Mozilla’s Firefox OS, But for some reason, Firefox OS has not been favored by major players. This is the reason launching of LG Fireweb with this OS, is an epoch-making the event in gadgets world. Firefox OS is found in cheaper handsets such as Alcatel’s One Touch, and ZTE Open. The market for these products exists in some of the South American nations including Mexico, Uruguay, and Peru. Telefonic Vivo, which an operator in these regions would carry LG’s Firefox, as well.


Specifications of Firefox are modest considering the targeted market and limited applications available for the Firefox OS. A touchscreen, which is HVGA, and 5 inches in size is included in the handset. Qualcomm processor of 1 GHz speed is the heart of this device. Additional specifications include memory of 2GB, and a camera of five megapixels. The version of Firefox OS included in LG Fireweb is the 1.1 release, which is the latest version.

Mozilla’s Firefox OS

The company plans to release new versions of OS for smartphones, once in a quarter. The 1.1 release includes considerable improvements in its core functions such as email, calendar, and contact. There is MMS support as well as an API for pushing notifications. This smartphone OS has onscreen keyboard. The new addition to this version of OS is automatic spelling correction feature.

There is a large market for smartphones at the lower end, which cheaper smartphones are not able to cater to. Entry into this market may help LG corner considerable market share. However, this advantage may come at a price because high end consumers may identify LG’s handsets as low end products, and move on to other handsets.

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