LG G Flex Available in the US from 24 January for $300


LG G FlexGadgets world has been patiently waiting for LG G Flex, which is a curved smartphone from LG. AT&T, which is the carrier of this LG smartphone will be offering this product from its stores from the 24th of January. The smartphone can also be bought from online stores. LG will also be releasing G Flex in some of the European countries, i.e., Sweden, Italy, Germany, France, and the UK, this February. Australians can also look forward to purchasing this device in February, 2014.


Two of the most talked about features of this product are related to its display. The screen is curved. In addition, it has the self-healing ability. The display screen of this device is 6 inches in size. The self healing system built in the product ensures that scratches if any on the screen disappear or are reduced considerably. However, these features are far from perfect as yet, so there is a possibility of excessive experiments with its flexibility leading to the formation of bumps. Likewise, anti-scratch or self healing property becoming ineffective if deliberately experimented with.


The device boasts of a RAM of 2GB apart from internal storage capacity of 32 GB. Its processor is a quad-core variety like most of the processors in contemporary smartphones. The device runs on Android OS, more precisely Android 4.2.2, or the Jelly Bean.

LG is heralding a new era in smartphones. While the curved screen feature is essentially a fancy feature for now, the self-healing property is something that markets needed and will give thumbs up to if it can meet even half their expectations. The only reason the market may be a tad disappointed with the product may be because the product is tuned for Jelly bean. They expected at least Android 4.3, if not Android 4.4.

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